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By opening a Corporate Account with Seven Fives we offer a guaranteed priority service at all times. We are also experienced in providing our clients with bespoke transport solutions.

We offer as standard :

30 day credit facilities.
Priority over cash bookings.
Dedicated account managers.
Full audit facilities.
Detailed monthly statements.
Password protected account booking system.

Our aim is to always provide the highest levels of professionalism and reliability to each account booking. Here at Seven Fives we operate a fully computerised account handling system which has the capability and flexibility to meet all of your account needs.

For further information regarding our Corporate Account Services please email us on [email protected] or alternatively complete the form below and one of our account managers will be in touch.

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Terms and Conditions

I hereby apply to open a credit account with Seven Fives Car Services Ltd. I understand that :

• If my application is successful, payment of all invoices raised against the said account must be made in full to Seven Fives Car Services within a maximum of 30 days of the invoice date.

• Any queries relating to invoices must be raised within a maximum of 14 days of the invoice date, irrespective of the nature of the query.

• If no query has been raised within 14 days of the date of the invoice, my company shall be liable to pay the full amount shown on the invoice within the maximum 30-day limit as described above.

• In the event of non receipt of payment of any invoice within the 30 day limit as described above, Seven Fives Car Services ltd may take such measure as permitted by law in pursuance of payment of the debt in full. In this even I, the undersigned agree that my company shall be liable for any and all costs involved therein, including payment for debt collection services and / or legal costs.

• It is my company’s responsibility, not that of Seven Fives Car Services, or any of its staff to police the account appropriately; I therefore accept responsibility for ensuring that all those who may need to use the account will be provided with the account number and that I will take suitable steps to ensure that no unauthorised person or persons are given access to that number.

• Anyone using the account either to make a booking or to alter details of existing bookings will be required to quote the company name and account number, (which will be issued upon my application being successfully processed). Seven Fives Cars staff will not under any circumstances accept booking or alterations to existing bookings from anyone who cannot quote the company name and account number correctly, regardless of who that person may claim to be or what position they may claim to hold within the company.

• Seven Fives's staff will accept bookings from any caller correctly quoting the company name and account number. It will be assumed that if the caller is in possession of the account number then they are legitimately authorised to use the account.

• All bookings must be made via the office of Seven Fives and not by private arrangement with any given driver. Seven Fives Car Services Ltd will accept no responsibility whatsoever, for any aspect of any booking/s which has not been made via the office.

For each journey undertaken on the account the passenger/s( or in the case of the delivery the recipient of the goods ) will be required to signs a journey docket. This docket and signature hereon will be regarded as authorisation to change the journey as shown on the docket, including any waiting time where applicable ( which is signed for separately ) to my company’s account. It is the passenger’s ( or recipient’s ) responsibility to ensure that all the details shown on the docket are correct before signing.

By clicking submit you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.